Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HOPES FOR 2010 / 2011

Sifu had the opportunity to be invited and attended
1. Discussion and dialog between NCBM (National Council for the Blind Malaysia) and MSN (National Sports Council) of Ministry of Youth and Sports at NCBM HQ in Brickfields.
2. MSN Seminar on High Performance Sports.
3. Preparation of 2010 Chess Budget at Summit Hotel, Subang Jaya.

Good and bad news, firstly Chess is not a high performance Sports, in fact Chess is not even listed as sports at Asian games or the Olympics, in fact there was no Chess during the last two Sea Games at Korat and Loas, it was only held at Asean Paragames in Korat and Kuala Lumpur.

Well the good news, chess have listed as one of the 37 sports to be held in Bandung 2011 and hope it will be listed by 2011. For paragames Chess will definitely be listed so better start preparing to better the 8 Golds at the KL09.

Since 2010, chess will not be held at Guanchou 2010 so basically chess could not ask for a budget excepy for 2011 when Asean Paragames Bandung 2011 be held. It is all a fighting battle for chess all the way for until and unless MCF wakes up to fight to make chess accepted as SPORTS and to ensure chess is played at all games ( even SUKMA does not have chess as an event )

The rumours goes that next year will see a deplete when MSSM will not list chess in its calender and the sad bad stories of chess for the last 30 years by MCF. If not for the parents involvement and Dato Tan's generosity, chess would have died a thousand times, now its only hope is for MSN to play a major role in its development and growth, but chess have to wake up first from its egoistic and self centered leaders.

MCF got to play a more active role in development and not just be tournaments organisers go and get the right players and actors and not be pretenders for the last generations. Look at Merdeka as organised by PCMM but MCF claimed its theirs not PCMM, so what happened to Merdeka and PCMM is history and the actors are still up there in MCF, when will it end or are there no capable leaders to lead chess, surely there must be light at the end of the gloomy tunnel of chess .

At the international level, chess is still not listed as exhibition sports in the next Olympics or Asia when will it be listed will take another generation to ponder, Chess Olympiad is not recognised as sports event by MSN and hence no financial aid or awards if any medals achieved.

Chess have to get out of its glass house and claimed its is the best ultimate game for mankind, untill and uskless chess is accepted as sports it will be a losing battle for all, maybe Sifu will not be able to see this acceptence in any near future or it will never materialised, only Allah knows.

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